About the Journal

Journal Corpus Juris Civilis: Journal of Criminal Law, is published three times a year in March, June, September. Its aim is to promote the study of criminal law, in general and to discuss the discourse on the development of Criminal Law and government policy from various perspectives. It is also to assist in the understanding of criminal law. The journal publishes research articles, conceptual articles, and criminal law book reviews. (See Focus and Scope). Journal Corpus Juris Civilis, starting to be published in 2022 in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Journal Corpus Juris Civilis is a publication media for scientific works produced by academics, practitioners, researchers and students who are pursuing legal education. This journal is managed by the Master of Law Study Program, Postgraduate Program, Bandar Lampung University. This journal is open to the public. The managers of Journal Corpus Juris Civilis invite writers to publish their work in this journal.