About the Journal

Journal of Architecture and Urban Development published twice in a year, in March and September. The article can be product of researches, scientific thoughts or case study, in Architecture and isn’t formed by politics, commercialism, and subjectivity unsure. This scientific journal contains articles of thought and research results in Architecture that have never been published in scientific journals or other media.


CAPTURE: Journal of Architecture and Urban Development

Capture: Journal of Architecture and Urban Development emphasizes cooperation between architectural and urban planning researchers, and places great weight on the integration of research principles, framework, techniques, methods, models, or strategies in resolving problems faced in urban development. As such, the establishment of this journal platform can benefit both the practical and academic worlds, ensuring the adequate application of research resources. The journal provides a forum for the exchange of creativity and ideas related to architecture and urban planning by experts from industrial, government, academic, and research fields. The journal establishes a channel for communication between researchers and professionals, facilitating the discussion of problems, challenges, and opportunities for progress in urban development. Cities, regions, countries, and even the entire world face new challenges in planning. A journal of architecture and planning provides a platform for the publishing of ideas and information related to architecture and urban planning. The research articles currently collected in the journal primarily focus on functional or strategic planning, including: -City design and planning -Economic development -Environmental policy -Spatial planning -Architectural design -Residential markets -Transportation planning -Social culture -Other research related to architecture and urban planning